Important Vehicle Checklist Before Packing For Holiday Road Trips

You can practically taste the Thanksgiving turkey and dressing, even from hundreds of miles away. Now you just need to get there.

Is your vehicle ready for the holiday road trip?

Get a multipoint inspection before traveling. Having an expert technician perform a thorough analysis will let you know exactly what your vehicle needs. Multipoint inspections typically include checks of the brakes, fluid levels, belts, hoses, lights, tires and other vital functions.

Inspect tire tread and inflation. Tires, the only safety feature that actually touches the road, can easily be overlooked. But keeping them properly inflated goes a long way toward both saving you money and keeping you safer on the road.

Test the battery. With cold winter temperatures comes the risk of a dead battery. Brutal summer heat can slowly sap a battery, leaving it vulnerable to dying on those first cold mornings of winter.

Have the vehicle’s starting and charging systems tested every three months--or every oil change. Batteries older than 3 years should be tested more frequently to ensure it can survive the cold weather.

Replace wiper blades. Long, hot summer days can crack the rubber or silicone blades on your windshield wipers. Your trusted service advisor can help you find the right ones for your specific needs and your make and model.

Check the antifreeze. Headed somewhere especially frosty this holiday season? Make sure your engine has an adequate amount of antifreeze, otherwise, you might find yourself unable to start the motor and head home.